The 1st Crib Quilt South Asia Tour 2016 - Singapore and Malaysia - Penang, Malaysia

Right after the second workshop in Singapore finished, we hopped on a plane and arrived in Penang late at night.

The organizer, The Home Quilter, has been running their quilt shop for four years. Overnight they beautifully displayed the projects and works that we had brought.

The students were so enthusiastic!
At noon all of us, including the students, went to a restaurant for lunch which was only a few minutes drive from the store. 
While we were having lunch we noticed that there was nobody else but us because they wanted to go back and work on the project as early as possible!

Day 1 students at an Indian curry restaurant
Day 2 students at a vegetarian restaurant

For the first time you may see a picture where a man is wearing the AC16 panel apron.
It looks nice on him, doesn't it?
That's Mr. Kor, the shop owner Lynee's husband. She is on his left in the photo.
At the beginning it seemed he hesitated, but it turned out to be a wonderful photo!

Day 1 students, their works in progress in their hands!

Day 2 students, their works in progress in their hands!
We had a whole free day and Mr. Kor and Lynee took us to the Peranakan museum on Penang island. There was so much to see! 

This is the well-known site for tourists.

After looking around the center of the island, we went to a shopping mall to have dinner and tea. A cute boy, Ting, is their fourth child and Masako totally adored him.

Personally, I liked this dish called Bak kut teh very much.
Vegetables and pork are cooked in broth containing lots of herbs and spices. 
It tasted so good that we bought some ready to cook packages in order to enjoy this Malaysian atmosphere at home because the aroma is so distinctive and stimulates your appetite!

We had a great time, Mr.Kor and Lynee!



The 1st Crib Quilt South Asia Tour 2016 - Singapore and Malaysia - Singapore

Our first south Asia tour 2016 to Singapore and Malaysia began on the 17th of August.
We had been invited to give workshops at Sing Mui Heng which is a wholesale craft shop based in Singapore. And it was our first to go to Malaysia. 

As the first story, I would like to share with you photos of the workshop in Singapore.

As soon as we arrived at a hotel "Hotel Indigo", Masako's heart instantly smiled because she loves Peranakan style. Displays related to Peranakan could be found anywhere in the hotel!

Take a close look at the bottom of the sink. It's an antique sewing machine!

It is difficult for non local people to understand and define Peranakan. But as far as I know, the first immigrants from China, either to Singapore or Malaysia developed their original culture by marring native people. The culture flourished and is called "Peranakan".
The males who married native women were Baba and the females who married native men were Nyonnya.

Where we had breakfast and lunch during our stay was an incredibly charming cafe, Baba Chews, located the next to the hotel building.

On the first morning, it took Masako quite a long time to choose what she was going to eat!
We cannot eat large potions of food, so they are served in the perfect size for us!

One evening, we had dinner at Baba Chews with a couple, Zen and Wuxi (Sing Mui Heng people) . Every dish was terrific!

The workshops were held at venues in the hotel. 

Sing Mui Heng staff member on the left and Wuxi on the right, busy with preparations for the classes!

We gave two workshops for two days and each had 20 students!

Wearing American Country 16 panel aprons

Day 1 workshop students 

We had a male student on the 2nd day. He was so good at sewing and very quick to understand! Great sewer!

 Day 2 workshop students

Some students were familiar and it was our pleasure to see them again!
Thank you to all of the students and special thanks to Zen and Wuxi, the couple from Sing Mui Heng!



Quilt Country Vol. 49 By Les Editions De Saxe

les editions de saxe is a publisher who recently published Masako's book titled Maisons & Jardins en Quilt. They have several quarterly magazines, the latest of which,  "Quilt Country" has come out. Vol. 49 features Masako and some international quilt artists. 

Masako was interviewed about how she became a quilt artist and opened Crib Quilt.

Masako created the pouch below specially for the issue and the kit is now available on our website!

Here is a website of "Quilt Country" for those of who want to get further info.



New Book And Fabric Annoucement

We are so pleased to announce the release of Masako's new book "Quilts for Living" and fabric collection "American Country 16". 

Adding some familiar techniques such as applique, embroidery and punchneedle, Masako made creations with colors she may not have used before.The projects have different purposes and all would be useful in your daily life.  There are cushions and quilts, stationery, sewing tools, and bags for going out!  How happy it is to be surrounded by things you made yourself! 

Each project comes with full color directions for easy reference.

We are also thrilled to announce that this book will be translated into several other languages in the near future. 
The original Japanese version is available on our website.

American Country 16 features "House and Garden".

The main panel fabric 
31350-70   75x110cm 1200JPY/p

31351   1200JPY/m

31352    1200JPY/m

31353   1200JPY/m

31354   1500JPY/m
31355   1500JPY/m

Some of these fabrics are featured in the new book!  Please try your hand at them!



Big News from CRIB QUILT

We are happy to announce that Masako's new book, which features lots of different motifs in applique and embroidery, and her new fabric collection "American Country 16" will be released at the end of April!

Both will be available at our booth (Booth 21) at Spring Market 2016 (a retail show), which is being held in Tokyo Dome Prism Hall from April 26th to April 29th.  Some of her work in the book will be on display and she would be happy to autograph your copy!

Masako's book will be available at her publisher's booth at the 40th Japan Hobby Show 2016, which is being held in Tokyo Big Site East Hall from April 28th to April 30th.  She will be giving a workshop at their booth on April 28th.

Here is the workshop info!

April 28

Morning Class: 10:30-12:30
Afternoon Class: 14:30-16:30
Number of Students : 6 people per class
Price: 3000 Yen (tax included)
Place: Boutique-sha booth on Avenue Luxe 
Classes can be booked through Hobby Show Avenue Luxe.

Below is the cover of Masako's recent book, "Maisons & Jardins en Quilt" (les editions de saxe).  Its theme is "House and Garden".  The main design of the panel fabric comes from the quilt on the front of the book.




Masako's New Book "MAISONS & JARDINS EN QUILT" Has Come Out

We are thrilled to announce that Masako's new book, entitled "MAISONS & JARDINS  EN QUILT",  has been published by a french Publishing company, les editions de saxe.

There are beautiful country style creations such as bags, pouches and cushions with various techniques like punch needle, applique and paper piecing. House and garden have  always been Masako's favorite and inspiring motifs.
By clicking here, you can browse her book. 

This is the first one in the history of Masako's books that has been originally published in a  language other than Japanese. 
We will visit a handcraft show held in Paris, "L'aiguille en fete", in the beginning of February and exhibit the creations from the book at les editions de saxe booth for the launch.



Bingata ~ A traditional dye method flourished in the south of Japan, Okinawa ~

Are you familiar with "Bingata"?
Bingata is a mixed technique of dyeing and stenciling developed in Okinawa which is an island located down south in Japan. They have had their own culture flourish for centuries by being affected by various southern Asian countries.

Masako has been in love with this dye method and finally could meet one of the craftsmen at her studio/shop on Sesoko island.

Benikichi. That's the name of the shop.

She was painting when we entered the shop. It will become a parasol which Masako was dying to buy, but unfortunately she didn't carry any stock of then.

She was moving around the studio.

They are creations for sale. It was so difficult to choose which to buy, as all looked so beautiful and special. 

This is what I chose! A pieced coaster and pincushion! 
I don't know why , but somehow it reminds me of Scandinavian design. 

Masako, the artist and me.

Here is a link of her website.

If you wish to learn more about Bingata, please visit this website which teaches you the history and its details. (click here)

I'd like to share some photos of the beautiful beach on Okinawa.

I was wearing a sweater as the weather was chillier than it was supposed to be.
But we had lots of sunshine and enjoyed terrific ocean views.